NBA Finals / THE LAST DANCE / PANIC ROOM (w/ Danny Seoane)


[E212] We welcome back Danny Seoane to talk about the NBA Finals, The Last Dance, Polyphia, and Among Us. Plus, a listener email, David Fincher’s The Game and Panic Room, and quick thoughts on HBO’s Raised By Wolves and The Third Day. WBAM!

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(Timecodes may be about 30 seconds off due to the ad at the beginning)

Listener email (05:07)

Ketchup – Danny’s Korner

NBA Finals (09:48)

Polyphia, Among Us (25:56)

Raised by Wolves, The Third Day (32:36)

David Fincher watch: The Game, Panic Room (41:43)

The Last Dance (51:43)

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