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  • The Magical Melancholy of ‘The Fabelmans’ – Review
    The butterflies in the stomach from the anticipation of a new Steven Spielberg movie are a singular feeling. No matter how spotted his recent pictures have been, there’s always the promise of something special around the corner. After all, he has given us some of the greatest movies of all time. In the 21st century, […]
  • ‘Ticket to Paradise’ is a refreshing delight – Review
    When we first saw George Clooney and Julia Roberts on-screen together, the year was 2001. The film was Ocean’s Eleven, director Steven Soderbergh’s pitch perfect heist caper and gold standard for movie star power. It arrived at a time when we took for granted movies like the duo’s latest pairing, Ticket To Paradise. Romantic comedies […]
  • ‘Black Adam’ is a boring disaster – Review
    The hierarchy of power in the DC universe was supposed to change. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson promised us so in the lead-up to his 15-years-in-the-making superhero outing as the titular Black Adam. The walking, talking ultra-workout one-man brand (it’s about to drive, it’s about power) has been hyping up his first official entry into the […]
  • The Banshees of Inisherin – Review
    A hundred years ago on an island off the coast of Ireland, the quiet and quaint village of Inisherin has one single pub that serves pints of dark beer alongside the occasional fiddle song or friendly squabble between old pals.  One such pair of friends gets into a spat every couple of years, and it […]
  • Thor: Love and Thunder – Review
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has entered its flimsy phase. Gone are the days of a consistent throughline and a high floor of appeal that could reach the widest possible audience.  There now seems to be more folks growing impatient with these films, and understandably so. Thor’s latest adventure is a mindless and breezy hair metal […]
  • “You make me brave” – Analyzing Bo Burnham’s EIGHTH GRADE
    We have all been young before. Most of us have been in middle school. And I guarantee you it wasn’t the most glamorous or precious time of our lives. It’s a time of change and evolution, and not in an exciting way. But it’s instrumental in how our adolescence is shaped. We learn and grow […]
  • Nominees & Winners of The 3rd Annual WBAMMYs
    These are all our nominees and winners of our annual award show, the WBAMMYs. Watch the video podcast episode here:
  • Our Top TV Shows of 2021
    Here are our favorite TV shows of 2021, a collective list based on our individual top 10s from our 2-parter podcast episode you can check out below. 10. Survivor The 41st season of legendary reality competition show Survivor positioned itself as a reinvention, a #BrandNewGame if you will. Host/producer/referee/heckler Jeff Probst promised us a return […]
  • Our Top Albums of 2021
    As we enter the third year of the pandemic, art and entertainment are solidly reflecting the new world we are living in in various ways. Either by helping us escape it, or directly commenting on it and its impact on our lives. Gone are the physical barriers to creating music. No longer do musicians have […]
  • The Unspoken Beauty Behind ‘The Green Knight’
    “One.. Year.. Hence” These are the words bellowed out by the towering, emerald, Green Knight at the beginning of the film. The words linger in the air and through the halls as a fatalistic promise. There is something almost poetic about David Lowery’s ‘The Green Knight’ being pushed 427 days off of its original release […]
  • Tales from Tribeca (At Home)
                Is the Virtual Film Festival Here to Stay? As vaccinations are continually rolling out and life seems to be returning to some sense of normalcy, there are certain things that feel as though they will never be the same in a post-COVID world.             Thousands of employers have realized that it is cheaper to […]
  • Confined and Isolated: Bo Burnham Invites Us ‘INSIDE’
    With his new Netflix special, Bo Burnham encapsulates the experience of living through a pandemic as a mad emotional lonely poet Isolation and confinement movies have existed for decades in various forms. They are very effective stories in terms of budgetary constraints and narrative focus. They can be a fun challenge for writers, directors, and […]
  • “INVINCIBLE” and the ‘Third Wave’ of Superhero Stories
    Or, how the Superhero genre is following a similar arc to the Westerns of yesteryear. March 29th, 1993 marked the day of the 65th Academy Awards (don’t worry, this isn’t another Oscars article). Of all the notable Academy Awards ceremonies over the years, this one is not usually identified as being massively historically significant, except […]
  • “Well That Was Weird”: A Recap of the Most Bizarre Oscars Ever
    In many ways, The 93rd Academy Awards was exactly the awards ceremony that 2020 deserved. It seems only fitting that the weirdest year in modern human history would lead to the strangest movie year in recent memory and an even odder Academy Awards Ceremony. Nothing about this year’s event seemed ordinary, from the decision to […]