Nominees & Winners of The 4th Annual WBAMMYs

These are all our nominees and winners of our annual award show, the WBAMMYs. Watch the video podcast episode here:

  1. Best A24 movie not made by A24
    1. The Winner: Bones and All
  2. best dance sequence
    1. The Winner: RRR
  3. BEST lead performance
    1. The Winner: Cate Blanchett as Lydia Tár (Tár)
  4. BEST supporting performance
    1. The Winner: steven yeun in nope
  5. Best Original Music
    1. The Winner: Babylon
  6. Best Needle Drop
    1. The Winner: Something in the Way by Nirvana (The batman)
  7. BEST BREAKTHROUGH performance
    1. The Winner: Tremele Tillman (Severance)
  8. BEST writing
    1. The Winner: TÁR
  9. Best Theatrical Experience
    1. The Winner: Jackass forever
  10. Best TV episode
    1. The Winner: Better Call Saul Series Finale (Saul Gone)
  11. Biggest Surprise
    1. The Winner: RRR
  12. M. Night Bimbo Award for the movie that looks great but is pretty dumb
    1. The Winner: Elvis
  13. best duo (riding on each other’s shoulders)
    1. The Winner: Everything Everywhere All At Once
  14. Craftsmanship Award
    1. The Winner: severance
  15. Cultural Relevance Award
    1. The Winner: stranger things S4
  16. Denzel Washington Award for performance oozing with movie star charisma
    1. The Winner: Daniel Craig in Glass Onion
  17. Good For You Bud Award
    1. The Winner: Noah Baumbach (White Noise)
  18. Handyman Award for the movie that could improve the most by fixing one thing
    1. The Winner: Bones and All (More Mark Rylance)
  19. Honestly Visually Stunning Award
    1. The Winner: Avatar The Way of Water
  20. I Hope It Doesn’t Tank Award
    1. The Winner: Severance
  21. Jaleel White Award for scene-stealing side character in a comedy
    1. The Winner: judd hirsch (the fabelmans)
  22. Leap of Faith Award for the movie moment that asks the most from the audience
    1. The Winner: the cut to justin long (barbarian)
  23. Michael Mann Award for outstanding achievement in Dad Cinema
    1. The Winner: Top Gun Maverick
  24. Missed Opportunity Award (aka Biggest Disappointment, aka Who asked For this)
    1. The Winner: The rings of power
  25. Most delightful joyous good time
    1. The Winner: ticket to paradise
  26. most overrated aka the one we didn’t get
    1. The Winner: bullet train
  27. best animal performance
    1. The Winner: Jean Jacket (Nope)
  28. Reddit honorary achievement in incel cinema
    1. The Winner: The Riddler in The Batman
  29. Most Tears aka The Gut Punch Award
    1. The Winner: top gun maverick
  30. best performance in a bad movie
    1. The Winner: eddie redmaye (The Good Nurse)
  31. Nostalgia Award
    1. The Winner: Top Gun Maverick
  32. Oh yeah I didn’t see that I’ll have to check it out award
    1. The Winner: Women Talking
  33. Barack Obama honorary award for achievement in drone technology
    1. The Winner: Michael Bay (Ambulance)
    1. The Winner: Golden Hour (Babylon)
  35. The Straggler Award (for the best movie furthest from the top 10)
    1. The Winner: The Northman
  36. The Limitless Award for the One that Wasn’t Great But Stole Your Heart
    1. The Winner: Ambulance
  37. smile of the year
    1. The Winner: Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise
  38. Winner of the Year
    1. The Winner: Tom Cruise
  39. WTF award
    1. The Winner: Crimes of the Future

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