The Unspoken Beauty Behind ‘The Green Knight’

“One.. Year.. Hence” These are the words bellowed out by the towering, emerald, Green Knight at the beginning of the film. The words linger in the air and through the halls as a fatalistic promise. There is something almost poetic about David Lowery’s ‘The Green Knight’ being pushed 427 days off of its original releaseContinue reading “The Unspoken Beauty Behind ‘The Green Knight’”

Tales from Tribeca (At Home)

            Is the Virtual Film Festival Here to Stay? As vaccinations are continually rolling out and life seems to be returning to some sense of normalcy, there are certain things that feel as though they will never be the same in a post-COVID world.             Thousands of employers have realized that it is cheaper toContinue reading “Tales from Tribeca (At Home)”

“INVINCIBLE” and the ‘Third Wave’ of Superhero Stories

Or, how the Superhero genre is following a similar arc to the Westerns of yesteryear. March 29th, 1993 marked the day of the 65th Academy Awards (don’t worry, this isn’t another Oscars article). Of all the notable Academy Awards ceremonies over the years, this one is not usually identified as being massively historically significant, exceptContinue reading ““INVINCIBLE” and the ‘Third Wave’ of Superhero Stories”

“Well That Was Weird”: A Recap of the Most Bizarre Oscars Ever

In many ways, The 93rd Academy Awards was exactly the awards ceremony that 2020 deserved. It seems only fitting that the weirdest year in modern human history would lead to the strangest movie year in recent memory and an even odder Academy Awards Ceremony. Nothing about this year’s event seemed ordinary, from the decision toContinue reading ““Well That Was Weird”: A Recap of the Most Bizarre Oscars Ever”