Our Top TV Shows of 2021

Here are our favorite TV shows of 2021, a collective list based on our individual top 10s from our 2-parter podcast episode you can check out below. 10. Survivor The 41st season of legendary reality competition show Survivor positioned itself as a reinvention, a #BrandNewGame if you will. Host/producer/referee/heckler Jeff Probst promised us a returnContinue reading “Our Top TV Shows of 2021”

“INVINCIBLE” and the ‘Third Wave’ of Superhero Stories

Or, how the Superhero genre is following a similar arc to the Westerns of yesteryear. March 29th, 1993 marked the day of the 65th Academy Awards (don’t worry, this isn’t another Oscars article). Of all the notable Academy Awards ceremonies over the years, this one is not usually identified as being massively historically significant, exceptContinue reading ““INVINCIBLE” and the ‘Third Wave’ of Superhero Stories”